Why Are Abortions Above the COVID 19 Mandates?

Why are abortions above the Covid 19 Mandates

Why are abortions above the Covid 19 Mandates? We all are doing our part to protect against COVID-19, well, almost everyone.

On March 13th, US Surgeon General Adams urged the entire medical community to suspend all elective surgical procedures. This was to protect our medical healthcare infrastructure and our communities and healthcare workers from the spread of COVID-19.

In Colorado, Governor Polis signed Executive Order D 2020 009 effective March 23rd, declaring “all hospitals, outpatient surgeries, and procedure providers are directed to cease all elective and non-essential surgeries and procedures,” “whether medical, dental or veterinary” until April 14th.

Over a thousand procedures have been canceled in the Colorado Springs hospitals alone.

As an ObGyn physician, I and my partners have personally canceled dozens of surgeries.

I say this with absolutely no malice. This was the correct call by our federal and state governments. 

Although incredibly inconvenient and, at times, medically pressing to our patients, these measures are necessary. If we are going to be successful in avoiding the level of COVID-19 catastrophes in Italy and elsewhere.

Moreover, readers know restrictions go way beyond the medical community.

Public Health Order 20-22 has closed all “non-essential personal services facilities.”

One cannot even get a haircut at this time, let alone attend crucial physical therapy sessions or receive dental procedures.

We collectively isolate at home; if lucky, we work from home or wait for the bans to be lifted.

And we do our part for the greater good of our community. Well, most of us do.

The Abortion Industry Is Somehow Above The Law

One industry that has excluded itself from the Governor’s executive order and the US Surgeon General’s urging is the abortion industry.

Therefore, patients cannot have their thyroid surgery, knee replacement, or hysterectomy, but elective termination of pregnancies and abortions are being scheduled and performed daily around our state.

Please explain why the abortion industry has declared itself above the law?

Why does the abortion industry believe the executive order does not apply to them regarding the elective surgical procedure of abortion?

Why are they not enforcing the executive order uniformly across all medical facilities, as the order states?

Readers should be aware that the American College of Pediatrics and other medical organizations have written their opinions stating abortion is not an essential component of healthcare for women.    

Evidently, I am pretty aware and frankly embarrassed that the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, in conjunction with other medical organizations, has written an opinion piece that they do not support COVID-19 responses that cancel or delay abortion procedures.

Readers must know that many OB/GYN physicians profoundly disagree with this opinion.

Regardless of one’s views on abortion, it’s important to emphasize that there is no reasonable medical rationale for the abortion industry to exempt itself from the executive orders that the rest of the medical establishment is following. All medical practices should adhere to these orders for the sake of public health and safety.

Significantly, there is no medical rationale that our state government should not enforce the Governor’s executive order “uniformly” across all medical service lines as explicitly stated in 2020 009.

While not a lawyer, I see no legal justification for allowing the abortion industry to disregard the law in our country.

I call on the Governor and legislatures of Colorado to uniformly enforce the directives without giving favoritism to the abortion industry.

– Dr. Kevin Weary
So why are abortions above the Covid 19 Mandates?

Our COVID-19 crisis is not the setting to debate abortion. Yet the abortion industry has actively chosen to place itself above the law and orders of our land. 

The pro-abortion industry insists that abortion on demand is essential and should not face the same restrictions. Therefore, it should examine its own white paper and clarify that a delay of several weeks, or in some cases days, may heighten risks or potentially make abortion completely inaccessible.

Current Colorado law allows abortions at any stage of pregnancy. Should the people of Colorado find that fact acceptable if the abortion industry itself states a delay of days or weeks increases procedural risk?

If “days” can make an abortion inaccessible (i.e., it is now too late to have access to my abortion ), should the people of Colorado not reconsider why an abortion performed 48 or 72 hours (“days”) earlier would have been acceptable?

What truly is the difference of 21 days?

Why on April 14thth would it be too late if on March 22nd it was okay?

Suppose the abortion industry truly desires to protect the health of their patients, as they adamantly claim. In that case, I challenge you to join the rest of the country and put your surgical abortions on hold. As long as the rest of the medical community suspends all other elective surgeries and procedures to protect the people of this state and this country.

Dr. Kevin Weary

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Dr. Kevin Weary

Since 1996, Kevin Weary has been a dedicated caregiver in Colorado Springs. His extensive experience and commitment have enabled him to offer outstanding and empathetic care to the women of Colorado Springs.

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