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Starting with the most important things about me…


I’ve been married to my wife Jennafer since December 1994.

We have four children, and have been blessed with two sets of twins. We have fraternal twins, boy, girl twins that are 19 years old and are attending Wheaton College.

We also have 15 year old identical boy twins that are freshmen in high school here in Colorado Springs.

We enjoy the outdoors here in Colorado, and love to ski and snowboard. We enjoy traveling together and one of our favorite places to travel is to the beaches in Florida.

As a family, we are quite involved with Woodmen Valley Chapel.

As a family, we have also been on many different mission trips, including Romania (twice), Haiti, and Honduras.


A key priority in my personal life, and our family life, is to live consistent with our Biblical world view.

I believe my job as an ObGyn in Colorado Springs is a calling and a ministry and not just my profession.

As such, I try to live and practice consistent with the Great Commandment. The Great Commandment being to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. And to love your neighbor as yourself.

Living in a manner that shows love to others while recognizing their innate value as an individual is the only way our faith has value to the world around us.

ObGyn in Colorado Springs

kevin weary obgyn colorado springs co

As an ObGyn in Colorado Springs, it’s important to me to be consistent in my living, and that my professional life is consistent with my core beliefs.

The most important lesson that the Bible teaches is to love God and love your neighbor. I want to practice in such a way that I’m expressing true and earnest concern for my patients, and that I really do value them as people. Not just as patients, but as individuals.

I want and I hope that the care I provide can reflect that truly want to be there to help care for my patients in a way that shows their value to me, but more importantly their value to God. That they’re made to His image, and that I am called to love them, to serve them, and care for them.

From a professional standpoint, I have been an ObGyn for over 26 years, including 22 years of private practice, and 4 years of medical experience and residency training

In the time as an ObGyn in Colorado Springs, I’ve really come to love so many aspects of my practice.


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What a joy and what an honor it is to take care of patients during what is arguably one of the most important parts of their life!

To be able to be with them as their family’s expanding, to take care of them through normal, happy pregnancies, but also to help walk them through the hard pregnancies where there are complications and issues at hand.

I find great professional satisfaction in Obstetrics, caring for people during pregnancy.

What a joy and an honor it is to be there at the birth of a child.

I am just so privileged to be able to say that I’ve been there for over 6,000 deliveries. To be able to be there during those happy times, those tears of joy, and to experience their celebration along side my patients is such an honor.

Gynecology Surgery

gynecology surgery colorado springs

The other part of my practice that I really enjoy is GYN surgery.

The technical nature of surgery, whether it be laparoscopy, open surgery, vaginal surgery, or robotic assistant surgery – all these different modalities of surgery interest me, and bring me professional satisfaction and fulfillment.

Residency training concentrated on both vaginal surgery and the fundamentals of laparoscopy.

In practice today, I continue to utilize vaginal surgical skills when performing vaginal hysterectomy and while performing vaginal reconstructive surgery to correct pelvic prolapse.

Over the past two decades of private practice we have seen numerous advancements in laparoscopy. In fact the majority of GYN surgery is currently performed laparoscopically.

Robotic assisted laparoscopy is the most recent addition to our available surgical techniques.

The robotic arm has greater dexterity than the human hand and wrist.

The increased dexterity and high definition visualization that robotics provides allows us to accomplish even the most difficult and complicated gyn surgeries in a manner that minimizes risk.

Completing complicated surgeries laparoscopically maximizes my patients ability to recover quicker and get back on her feet and return to the important callings of her life.

Gynecologic Surgery remains one of the true loves for me in my practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Why Did I Choose To Be An ObGyn?

I’m often asked, “Why did you choose ObGyn?”

The story takes me back to my third year of medical school, and I will tell you that I couldn’t wait to deliver my first baby even as a third-year​ medical student.

However, I absolutely knew I would never go into ObGyn!

The reason I believed I would never want to be an ObGyn was that I wanted to be married and have a family. And I knew that my family would be a priority even above medicine.

My concern was, how could I go into the field of ObGyn given its unpredictable schedules, and still be true to the priorities of my future wife and kids?

Then the day came when I delivered my first baby, and when I delivered my first baby, I knew this is what I’m meant to do.

Now through medical school, I did look at other things.

I enjoyed surgery and I considered a general surgery residency.

I also really enjoyed taking care of kids, and I considered a pediatric residency and a pediatric specialty as well.

But after going through my four years of medical school and getting experience in all these different areas, I truly felt that ObGyn and GYN surgery was the medical field into which I was called.

Other Interests

dr kevin weary colorado springs

Jennafer and I have been part of the Colorado Springs community since 1996, and we feel quite blessed to live here.

What a beautiful city to live in, what a beautiful state to live in!

But also what a wonderful community, and we are here because want to be a part of this community.

And what a wonderful community to belong to and be active members of.

There are a number of local organizations and events we participate in and support.

Together we feel a special draw to be involved in organizations supporting families, children and mothers.

A few of those organizations are listed here.

Life Network

I’m on the Board of Directors for Life Network, which is a non-profit focused on cultivating a community that values life through the love of Christ specifically by:

  • Presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Providing life-affirming alternatives to abortion
  • Promoting sexual integrity & healthy decisions
  • Empowering parents to be healthy & hopeful
  • Giving hope and healing to post-abortive
  • Engaging the community to advance life

Sonrise Mountain Ranch

I also serve on the Board of Directors for Sonrise Mountain Ranch which is a Christ-centered, interdenominational retreat ministry focused on helping families embrace God’s design, deepen their relationships, and invest their lives in the things that matter most.

A Daughter’s Heart

One special event that we love to support is A Daughter’s Heart.

This is a celebration for dads and their daughters where they get together once a year for an evening of dining and dancing.

This wonderful banquet was developed and is continuing to be put on by Rene Behr.

My daughter and I shared this evening for many years from elementary school through high school.

This is a celebration for dads and their daughters where they get together once a year.

This wonderful banquet was developed and is continuing to be put on by Rene Bair.

It’s a celebration time for dads and daughters to have an evening together for dinner and dancing.

Other Involvements

We try to support different organizations around town that specifically are built to support moms, perhaps moms in difficult situations (for example moms who are either single or struggling to get by).

There are many wonderful organizations in our region to get involve in.

Our family encourages your family to find organizations in Colorado Springs to stand beside and support.

There is truly joy in working together as a family towards causes bigger than ourselves.