Responding to the RHA at the 2019 Life Network Gala

Responding to the RHA 2019 Life Network Gala.

This video and transcript were taken from the 2019 Life Network Gala.

Rich Bennett (CEO, Life Network): Many of you know that in January 2019, New York made headlines when they legalized abortion at any time, for any reason, until the very moment of conception.

And when New York passed that sad law, it became the eighth state to permit late-term abortions.

A list that sadly includes our state of Colorado.

And it’s at this point that I’d like to bring in Dr. Kevin Weary. Kevin is not only a friend, but he also’s a Life Network board member and a Colorado Springs OB/GYN who has delivered – get this – more than 6,000 babies in our city.

Isn’t that awesome?

He and his wife, Jennafer, are the parents of two sets of twins.

When third-trimester abortions were in the news earlier this year, we were all stunned.

But I remember you and me talking, and you were stunned, not only from a Christian perspective but from your perspective as a doctor.

Tell us about that.

Dr. Weary: Thanks, Rich.

I’d like to take a minute to talk about that and talk from a physician’s standpoint.

The battle between those protecting the sanctity of life and those trying to protect abortion rights has always been fierce, and it’s also always been somewhat ugly.

But this year, in my opinion, it’s taken a whole new level of untruth.

When the RHA passed, there were two things that struck me about it.

First, it was lobbied, and it passed, based on the idea that somehow this law was needed in order to protect the health and the lives of women.

The second thing that’s noteworthy is that they were very specific in protecting the legality of being able to perform abortions after 24 weeks.

Now, what you need to know, is that 24 weeks is what we call the age of viability.

That means that is when a baby actually has a chance of living outside the womb.

Now, as a physician, I’m here to tell you there are no, as in zero, no medical conditions in which we are protecting the health or the life of a woman by aborting the baby after 24 weeks.

To be clear, I’ve delivered a few babies, and I’ve delivered hundreds of babies prematurely in the name of protecting the mom.

We need to do this in times of infection, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions.

But when we need to do that, protect the life of the mom, we simply induce labor or perform a C-section, and we do so on a live baby.

There is never a scenario in which you are protecting the health or the life of a mom, by aborting, or killing a baby after 24 weeks.

– Dr. Kevin Weary, Ob/Gyn

This law was passed on mistruth. It’s just not so, and as followers of Christ, we are called to be seekers of truth.

As a community of pro-life individuals, we need to be prepared to fight against lies by standing on the truth.

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Dr. Kevin Weary

Since 1996, Kevin Weary has been a dedicated caregiver in Colorado Springs. His extensive experience and commitment have enabled him to offer outstanding and empathetic care to the women of Colorado Springs.

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