Looking forward to serving you again soon

Looking Forward to Serving You Again Soon

To my current and future patients,

My ObGyn practice in Academy Women’s Healthcare has been on a “ restrictive schedule and partial hold” since late March, secondary to COVID-19 safety issues.

These state and federally-mandated restrictions are in place to do our best to ensure the safety and welfare of our patients and our community.

We have canceled and rescheduled literally hundreds of annual Gynecology exams as well as many other non-urgent appointments.

The Colorado and national restrictions have yet to begin lifting, but we are seeing hope on the horizon.

Once the community restrictions begin to lift, AWHA will promptly reschedule the canceled non-urgent and routine appointments and will start scheduling these types of appointments for both established and new patients.

Looking Forward to Serving You Again Soon

In addition to putting a hold on non-urgent clinic appointments, my partners and I have canceled dozens of non-urgent surgeries.

Hospitals plan to reschedule these “elective” surgeries, though neither the state nor federal authorities have determined the exact restart date, which is hoped to begin in May.

Many Gynecology surgeries fall within the “elective” category.

The term “elective” simply indicates that we could safely delay the surgery for a period until the COVID-19 social distancing orders can end safely.

Gynecology surgeries aimed at evaluating and treating pelvic pain, problematic periods, pelvic prolapse, and other GYN problems are unquestionably medically necessary. Do not confuse the term “elective,” meaning it could wait a few weeks, with its necessity.

There are numerous times and conditions when surgical treatment is, in fact, the best option for serving my patient’s medical needs.

In the coming weeks, I look forward to when the restrictions will lift. Then I will reschedule surgeries that have been delayed, as well as schedule new surgeries for my patients.

I want to thank you, my patients, for your patience as, together, we are navigating these unprecedented times.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Do not forget that AWHA and I are still open! We are available to care for any urgent Gynecologic condition that cannot safely wait.

Remember, we are in the clinic every weekday and available in the hospital 24 hours per day. Caring for our Obstetrical patients and all of your pregnancy needs.

Praying for your safety and health, and looking forward to serving you again soon!
Kevin Weary, MD

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Dr. Kevin Weary

Since 1996, Kevin Weary has been a dedicated caregiver in Colorado Springs. His extensive experience and commitment have enabled him to offer outstanding and empathetic care to the women of Colorado Springs.

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