Dr. Weary Voted Best Ob/Gyn 2020

Dr. Weary Voted Best Ob/Gyn 2020

Dr. Weary was voted Best Ob/Gyn in 2020 in Colorado Springs and had this to say:

“I’m so honored to be on the best Ob/Gyn list for 2020 Top Doctors list in Colorado Springs.”

Kevin Weary, MD

Each year Colorado Springs Style and the El Paso County Medical Society work with an independent marketing and public relations firm on a confidential peer-to-peer survey, asking area physicians who they would recommend should a friend or family member require medical care. Thank you,

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Dr. Kevin Weary

Since 1996, Kevin Weary has been a dedicated caregiver in Colorado Springs. His extensive experience and commitment have enabled him to offer outstanding and empathetic care to the women of Colorado Springs.

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