A Wonderful Story of Someone Who Chose Life Over Abortion

This video and transcript were taken from the 2019 Life Network Gala.

Rich Benett (CEO, Life Network): Now Kevin I know you sometimes see patients who are in very similar situations to our clients.

In fact, some of our clients have become patients of yours.

I know you have a story that you want to share about a particularly memorable mom.

Dr. Weary: Yes. I love stories and thank you for letting me share this one with you.

It was about five years ago, a young lady in her early thirties came in for her annual exam.

And at the end of the exam, we were just chatting for a minute. And I could tell that she wanted to tell me something.

So she looked up and she started she said, “Dr. Weary do you remember?”

And as she said that, her voice cracked, she lost her words, and her eyes teared up.

As she was regrouping my eyes teared up because I knew where she was going with this.

Well, she found her voice and she started again she said, “Dr. Weary do you remember when we met?”

And I did remember.

We met about 15 years prior.

This young lady was 16, she was in high school when we met. She was quite scared, and she was quite pregnant.

And the world had offered her a choice that they tried to sell as the easy choice. Small procedure and your problems will go away.

But in her heart, she knew that wasn’t right and she chose what seemed like the hard path at the time.

She chose life.

It was my job and it was my honor to walk her through that pregnancy.

And it was hard. It did change her life in ways that she never would’ve predicted a year prior.

But now, 15 years later, she sits in my office and says, “Dr Weary, do you remember?”

And she sat in my office as a happy mother of four.

She is married to a wonderful man who is the dad and the father to all four of their kids. He is absolutely, in every meaningful definition of the word, their father.

Now that was five years ago, two years ago I saw her again. And the baby that she carried while she was in high school, was now 20 and engaged and ready to be married herself.

This story of hope and redemption is incredibly personal to me and critically meaningful to me.

But this story is repeated time and time and time again by those who choose life.

This is why I’m so proud to be a part of and support the loving work at Life Network.